Yes, I will absolutely recommend you.
Dealing with insurance is one of my least favorite things in the world to do. You made it very quick and easy. Thanks.


Thanks for taking care of that so quickly.

I just wanted to thank you again for your excellent customer service. If other companies that I dealt with were as helpful and efficient as you, it would make my life much easier.


I would also like to thank you for your extraordinary good service, we have been more than satisfied with doing business with you. I will definitely recommend using you, to all future exchange students from Denmark.

Best regards,


Thank you so much for all your help yesterday! It was the most pleasant insurance buying experience I have ever had! I will definitely recommend your services to my friends and family. I already did last night actually. 🙂 I was surprised that out of all the calls I received yesterday from people trying to sell me insurance, you were the most friendly and personable. It was extremely easy and you went out of your way to complete the transaction after hours. Excellent customer service!

Thank you again! I hope to bring you more business in the future.


Hi John,

Thank you very much for your quick action as usual!


I am very impressed with how quickly you were able to respond and help me.

David P

Hey Team,

Thank you both for a job well done. It’s not easy getting things done from halfway around the world and you both made the process very simple. Thank you guys.



You guys have been great! I will certainly send other people your way!



Thanks John,

You too john. Thanks for your great service!


I will definitely refer my friends or if I hear of anyone else looking for insurance.

Thank you for your quick service!


The response from everyone I’ve talked to at Safeco, you, the claims dept, the claims adjuster, and the independent claims agent, has bee terrific. I’m totally impressed.


Thank you! You are the best! have great evening,

Hi John,

Switching insurances is never fun but I really appreciate your assistance and patience.

Thanks again,


Hi John,
Hope all is well and thanks again for your help in getting my Condo and cars insured, I’m very happy. I was talking to my neighbor Monica, telling her her what a pleasant experience and how much money i saved. She asked if i had your number so i went ahead and gave it to her, hope you hear from her soon.

— Sincerely

Thank you John. You are the best!


Thanks John!

You’ve made this a wonderful process…thank you!


Excellent customer service!



Thank you! I appreciate it! Thank you for being so great while I was a customer. Have a nice rest of the week!



Hello John,
Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate your quick and efficient service. I will certainly recommend you to my friends and will be in touch if I need more insurance.

Mary Pat

Thanks for your quick service. I will call you within a week regarding car insurance I like how easy it was to do business.


Hi John,

Thank you for the email – it was an easy process and we definitely appreciated it. We’ll keep in mind the car insurance as well.



Thank You John!

Thanks again for all your help, and I’ll be sure to recommend you to friends. It was good to see you too! Thank you for all your help!

Warm Regards,


Thank you for taking care of everything. You have been wonderful and we really appreciate your help and patience with the whole process.

I will be sure to keep you in mind for anyone who might need insurance!


Thanks again for all your help, and I’ll be sure to recommend you to friends.

Joe B

Just wanted to let you know I was thoroughly impressed with the adjuster (Misty an independent) that handled my water damage claim for Mercury at my apartment building. She was very knowledgeable and responsive. I also mentioned this to the senior rep, Mark.

Chris C.

Hey John,

I meant to send this email about six weeks ago, but I wanted to give you a HUGE thank you for your help when I called from the eye doctor’s office. You have no idea how helpful you were! You might not even remember the situation, but I called you from the eye doctor’s office because the office I was sent to did not take my insurance.

Because of your willingness to help, and because you were able to come up with a couple of doctor possibilities for me, you saved me a lot of money AND I ended up seeing a specialist who is considered “world class” according to my brother, who is a neurologist who worked with this doctor in the past.

So thanks again. If you have a boss, supervisor or a “higher-up” that I can send an email or letter to, please reply back with it because I want to make sure that whomever you work for knows how you really went out of your way for me with the great service. Seriously, I want to do that, so don’t be shy in telling me who that might be.

Hope you’re doing well, John. The eye thing was scary for a couple days, but it turned out to be not that big of a deal. The vision in that one eye has slowly been returning and should be completely normal soon. The only thing I haven’t been able to do is play tennis, dangit!!

Talk to you later,


Thanks John! You’ve been great.

Will B.

Thanks John. Your services was fantastic. Your quick turnaround allowed me to pick up the keys yesterday.

Thank you, again.

Erica P

Hi John,

Thank you for the update, and keeping everything simple and easy. I will definitely refer you to family/friends!



I got the card yesterday. It was fast 🙂 Thank you. Surely happy to refer you!


Dear John:

I appreciate all your help today. You made buying the renter’s insurance very easy and affordable. I will recommend you with my friends and family for future insurance needs. Again, thanks for your help.


Marta R

Thanks for making it so painless John. I will be sure to send my friends your way.


Thank you very much John.
You have been very kind.

Hey John..

thanks..you guys are great…hope I can send some people your way


I refer people to you because they need benefits and you are the best 🙂

Danielle (San Diego)

Thanks John for all your help! Talk to you later,

Thank you, John, for your outstanding service.

I know my Mom is going to be very happy with you as her agent just as I have been.

Thank you for your expediency and thoroughness. Your customer service is number one in my book.


Thanks John,

I will definitely refer you to others. It has been such an easy process. We appreciate your help.

Thanks for your help. I’m glad I was able to get basic insurance so fast.


John ,
Thank you for all your help today.
I have been over to my daughter’s house and got a printed copy of the form and signed it in two places as requested.
I will send it by fax to you tomorrow morning,
once again thank you for your speedy service,

George B.

Thanks John!
I am very pleased by the way you brought this together. 5 stars ***** to you.
Sincerely Yours,

Hey John,

Thanks for the call yesterday. It’s a relief to hear my application for Health insurance went through. I look forward to getting the packet in the mail. Thanks for all your help… keep in touch. Will make sure I pass along any of my friends looking for Insurance.

Thanks again!


Thanks John for getting this going so fast.


Whew!!! Thank you so much for taking care of this so quickly!!!!!!

Thank you for all your help. I really appreciate it. I still have some questions on doctors and supplemental insurance. I’ll call on Monday. Thank you.

Thanks John!
You have been helpful.

Hi John.
Thanks for the quick and painless service. I may be in touch soon about car insurance. Many thanks
Nick S.

I’ve got that: “Can it really be this amazingly hassle-free ? ” feeling (a very rare feeling indeed, these days !!!).


Your company is the first that we called and after 5 other quotes, yours was the most appealing!  Besides that, You are very pleasant to speak with, you are just one of those people you can’t help to trust with such an important purchase as home insurance.  Thanks John!  Looking forward in working with you more.
-Cindy & Jakob

John is such a professional.  We contacted numerous people and John exceeded in every way.  Returned calls promptly, kept us updated, pleasant to talk with, and overall satisfaction.  Thanks John!  We appreciate it!

-Bonnie W.

Thank you for sending me the attached paper application and for all your help!


You are so great and such a pleasure to do business with. I will tell people to come to you. I am really happy and know I am in good hands.

-Vicki (San Diego)

Thank you SO MUCH for being there for us.  You are terrific.

Is there some way we can tell your Insurance company what a great agent you are?  If so please let me know.  We would really like to let them know what a great job you are doing and how much you have helped us over the last year.

Thanks again,



I went ahead and went with the Health Net option… Thank you so much for all of your health… I cannot tell you how comforting it is to be able to ask all the questions I have without feeling like I’m just trying to be sold to.  I will definitely refer anyone I know looking for insurance to you!



Thank you very much!


You’re a life saver! Thanks again!


Thanks John for hooking me up!

k Hey John!!
Im not sure if you remember me, but you were a huge help in my insurance process….
I hope you have a great week.
-Rachel W.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Gaby (San Diego)

Thank you so much John!  I’m very happy to have worked with you.  You’ve been great help. 

Dat (San Diego) Thanks John,

We are VERY happy with Farmers and pleased that they are handling our
insurance needs.

We are particularly happy with YOU as our agent. Please share our good
words about you and your work with the folks at Farmers. You are
terrific and have met all of our needs in a timely manner. Thanks to
you we closed on our house on time. Thank YOU for everything!

– Al and Kathy (San Diego)

I want to thank you for the excellent service and value of your products. You not only have done an incredible job with my personal insurance(Health and Auto), you’ve done a great job for my clients.

-Doug in San Diego


John – thanks, your support has been superb.

Roger in Valley Center, CA


I’m good thanks for asking, nice to be working with you again.

-Angelina in Carlsbad


Thanks John! I love doing business with you!

-Andrea in San Diego

Thanks for your outstanding customer service, John.
You’ve done a great job for me, my parent and my clients. I will continue to refer you without hesitiation!

Patti Weaver/ One Source Realty-GMAC

Thank you so much for all your help!!!!!

-Rachel in San Diego

Thanks so much John! I really appreciate you getting back to me so quickly!

-Kristin in San Diego

I never have a problem w/ you, John. I wish ALL the people I dealt with were just like you!

-Will in San Diego

Thank you John for offering a great service that’s why I referred him to you!


I wish my other insurance agent was as attentive as you! Thank you for your quick reply & for checking into that for me…


Thank you for your help in answering my questiosn and giving me idea as to what insurance I should go for etc. An insurance I applied for on my own finally came through so I do have coverage. Thanks again.


I mailed out the Hunt Check today. Thanks for your service! You rock!


Thanks for your prompt reply.


Okay, I will fill them out today and send them to you today for sure. Thanks for your help John. It is great doing business with you. I am going to try to refer some family and friends I know as well.

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