Rental home insurance in San Diego

Do you have a rental home or rental property in San Diego?  Do you have the proper insurance coverage?

Many homeowners forget to notify their insurance company when they move out of their home and start renting out their home as a landlord.  It’s very important that you have the correct type of rental home insurance in San Diego California.  Some insurance carriers might call this landlord insurance in San Diego.   Rates for landlord insurance in California are very competitive and often times lower compared to owner occupied home insurance rates.

Do you have any personal property in the home?  Do you have enough liability coverage?   These are just some of the questions to consider and discuss with your San Diego insurance agent.

Do you own a tri-plex or 4-plex?  How many units per building?  Depending on the insurance carrier, you might be able to get a landlord insurance for this type of property also.  Commercial lines or apartment building insurance is usually for 5 or more units per building.

Do you have a property manager or require that your tenants maintain renters insurance?   Some insurance carriers offer a discount.   You might also consider going with a higher deductible to lower your rates for landlord or rental home insurance.


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