Homeowners insurance in La Jolla rate

Rates for home insurance in La Jolla can be very affordable.  When was the last time that you reviewed your home insurance in La Jolla?

If you can’t remember, then maybe it has been too long.

Our office has great rates for home insurance in La Jolla.  Whether you are purchasing your first home in escrow or you are an existing homeowner, it doesn’t hurt to get a coverage comparison on your home insurance.   Even if you are a landlord and rent out your home!

Have you considered a higher deductible?   This can help keep your rates down and has been more and more popular with homeowners… this makes a big impact and savings on homes with higher premiums.

Call us today at 619-299-6000 for a coverage comparison.  We are an independent insurance agency and can check several insurance carriers for your home insurance including Mercury, Travelers insurance, Safeco, Allied, and Kemper Insurance.

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