California apartment building insurance quote

Rates for apartment building insurance in California are super competitive.   Are you looking for a California apartment building insurance quote?    Our office works with several competitive insurance carriers in California to provide great rates and service for apartment building insurance.   Mercury insurance and Nationwide insurance have excellent rates on apartment building insurance.

When was the last time that you reviewed your apartment building insurance in California?   If it’s been too long, then you might be able to save.   Our agency can give you a coverage comparison or estimate on the insurance.

Some ways that many San Diego or California landlord’s can save on their apartment building insurance:

  • Going with a higher deductible can reduce your insurance rates.
  • Newer apartment building construction can save on your rates
  • Claims free discount if you haven’t had any prior claims:
  • Number of years as an apartment building owner

Call 619-299-6000 for a coverage comparison today for your apartment building insurance in California!


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