Rental condo insurance San Diego

Do you have a rental condo?   Rental condo insurance in San Diego is really important to maintain.   If you are renting out your property, there are many things that could happen without you living at the property.

If you are a landlord renting out your condo, make sure that you notify your insurance company that you are renting out your condominium to make sure that you have the correct type of insurance policy.

Rental condo insurance can be very affordable.  Call your local San Diego insurance agent today for a quote or coverage comparison.



Can you make a change to your home insurance?

Once you move into your house, can you make a change to your home insurance?


Yes, absolutely.   Your needs change all the time and you can make a change to your home insurance after you close escrow.  Home insurance in San Diego can be flexible.  If the change results in additional premium due, then you would be billed for the difference.  If the change results in a credit, then you would receive a pro-rated refund.

Call your local San Diego homeowners insurance agency today for a coverage comparison or estimate on your home insurance.

Renter insurance San Diego home

Do you own your home and renting it out?   Do you have the correct type of insurance policy?

Make sure that you have the proper type of insurance policy when renting out your home.  Some insurance company’s refer to this as Landlord insurance in San Diego or rental dwelling insurance.

I get this question so often –  “What is more expensive, owner occupied homeowners insurance or landlord insurance in San Diego?”

There are so many factors that go into property insurance that it is really hard to say.   Depending on the home, landlord insurance could have slightly lower rates.   The best thing is to make sure that you have the correct type of insurance for your home.


Call your local San Diego home insurance agency today for a quick estimate or coverage comparison for your landlord insurance in San Diego.

Condominium insurance in San Diego HO6

Do you own a condo?  When was the last time that you shopped for condominium insurance in San Diego?

If you can’t remember, then maybe it’s been too long.  If you have a mortgage, your lender typically requires a minimum dwelling coverage of 20% of the purchase price.

Condo insurance also provides coverage for your personal belongings inside the condo.   Condo insurance also has liability coverage.

Here’s a question that comes up occasionally – Does condo insurance cover your vehicle?

No, you would need to purchase auto insurance to provide coverage for your vehicle.

Condo insurance is very affordable for the amount of coverage that is provided.  Whether your home is owner occupied or tenant occupied, it is still very important to maintain insurance for your condo.   Call our independent San Diego insurance office today for a coverage comparison. 

Earthquake Insurance Quote San Diego

Do you have earthquake insurance in San Diego or California?  When was the last time that you shopped for earthquake insurance in California?

Most standard homeowners, mobilehome owners, condominium, and renters insurance policies do not cover earthquake damage.  Similar to flood insurance, earthquake insurance usually must be purchased separately.

Depending on factors such as area, home features and deductible, earthquake insurance can be affordable.   You have the option for different deductibles to help lower your premium.

Our office can help provide a stand-alone earthquake insurance quote.    Please call 619-299-6000 today for a quick estimate.

San Diego Apartment Building Insurance

When was the last time that you reviewed your apartment building insurance in San Diego?   If you can not remember, then maybe it has been too long.

Apartment building insurance is very important to have if you own an apartment building in San Diego.  Some insurance carriers can allow you to schedule multiple buildings onto a single apartment building insurance policy.

I’m sure that you are looking for ways to save by being a landlord.   There are some ways that you can save on your apartment building insurance.  Have you considered going with a higher deductible?  Going with a higher deductible should lower your premium.

Call your local San Diego apartment building insurance today at 619-299-6000 for a coverage comparison.

Home insurance San Diego quote

Are you in escrow purchasing your first home?  Whether it’s your first home or  your 10th home, it’s important to make sure to have the correct type of insurance to protect your home.  Do you need earthquake insurance?  How about coverage for your jewelry or valuable items?  These are just some of the things to consider when you are in the market for home insurance in San Diego.   Your lender or  escrow company might refer to this as fire insurance or hazard insurance in San Diego

Our office represents many highly rated insurance carriers to help you find the best solution for your needs.  A benefit of our agency is that we are not tied to one insurance company.

Call your local San Diego homeowners insurance agency today for a quick quote or coverage comparison.

Stand-Alone Earthquake Insurance San Diego

Did you recently purchase a home?  Your home insurance does not cover earthquake damage.

Have you considered earthquake insurance in San Diego?   It might not be required by your mortgage company or escrow, however Earthquake insurance is very important.   Your home can be the single largest investment and it’s important that you have protection in the event of a major earthquake.

Our office works with several insurance carriers that can do a stand-alone earthquake insurance.  You can most likely keep your existing home insurance policy and purchase a separate earthquake insurance policy.   Some of our stand alone earthquake insurance carriers have multiple deductible options as low as a 5% deductible up to 25% with competitive rates!


Please feel free to call 619-299-6000 for a competitive estimate on your earthquake insurance in California today!

Short Term Medical Insurance

In today’s confusing healthcare environment, there is a policy you can still offer an individual who needs health insurance even though open enrollment is closed.   Short term medical insurance is a policy that may be an option.

Each state places specific restrictions on how long you can carry an short term medical plan (typically either six months or 364 days) and whether or not you can renew a plan.   Short Term Medical plans do not typically cover dental or optical care (except as it pertains to an accident or illness), normal pregnancy or childbirth, wellness care, sports injuries, or care received outside the U.S unless those benefits are mandated by your state.

You should be especially careful if you’re unsure whether you have a pre-existing condition. Though the definitions vary in each state, most short term medical policies won’t provide coverage for a condition diagnosed during the previous three to five years.

Though not a permanent solution, Short Term Medical policies are designed to help consumers get through brief periods of transition.  STM plans are usually more affordable because they tend to have more limited benefits than ACA plans.   Clients who do not need all the benefits offered by an ACA-compliant plan may want to consider a short term medical plan.

San Diego Landlord Insurance 92111

Do you have a rental home and looking to save on your landlord insurance in San Diego 92111 or 92117?  Or office works with many highly rated home insurance carriers and help provide a coverage comparison.


Some of our carriers include Safeco Insurance, Mercury Insurance, Travelers Insurance, Allied Insurance.


When was the last time that you reviewed your landlord insurance in San Diego?   Our office can help run nice options and answer any questions or concerns regarding your landlord or homeowners insurance in San Diego.  Whether you own a home or a rental condo, we have great options to fit your needs.


Thank you for the opportunity to help with your trust and your insurance.